SXSW road trip : White Sands



At the end of February we embarked on a half month road trip across the southwest. The main part of the trip was a photography convention in Las Vegas and instead of flying out we decided to drive and incorporate as many national and state parks as possible. We did five days of park adventuring, five days in Vegas, and then another five days of being out in nature. It was seriously one of the best trips we have taken together and I wish we could do a trip like this once a month. Since we did so much I thought I would break the trip up into a couple post 🙂

After driving 1,110 miles through all of Arkansas, Texas (which west Texas, literally is the flattest and emptiest place in the US), and half of New Mexico we arrived at White Sands. Coming out of the mountains and seeing White Sands 20+ miles away in the valley was pretty breathtaking; all you see is pure white in the middle of brown mountains. Once we were inside of White Sands we were pretty speechless. We pretty much had the entire park to ourselves and we ran around for hours exploring the vast sand dunes. One of the neatest things we experienced at the dunes was the silence. We got out of our car and it was absolutely silent; you could hear the wind blowing ever so silently and the individual grains of sand moving across the dunes. Like little kids we went sledding on the dunes and had a blast being carefree. Probably the biggest highlight of White Sands had to be running around the dunes at sunset together trying to get the perfect shot of us. For this trip I did a personal project (seen here) where I did self portraits in a black dress at some of the parks we visited. After I got a few shots in my dress Philip decided that we need images of both of us dressed up in the dunes. Like I was going to turn down a chance to have great images of the two of us 🙂 These sunset images of us are some of my favorite ever. Got to love a tripod, timer, and epic sunset!
And here is a little look at our time in White Sands. Enjoy!






















One thought on “SXSW road trip : White Sands

  1. Such beautiful photos! And your dress really adds a nice formal quality. Would be great place for an engagement photo shoot.

    What camera do you use? I noticed you capture a lot of nice low light shots.

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